Which scary toy marked your childhood (and would you dare have it again)?

Scary toys are raising vague impressions. While some people find them interesting to say at least, some others are turning their heads away with disgust. But the truth is, people cannot run from the fear: even when you find some things repulsive or want to forget them, you have that strange feeling of attraction. Now, I don’t want to sound like Freud (although, I bet he had something to say!), but scary and creepy things make deep impressions on us, no matter how old we are.

I remember my first scary toy which marked a great deal of my childhood. But, I also remember some others that were popular back then. And that’s what I want to share with you in this post. So, let’s move on to the scary toys!scary toys

Jolly Chimp

Monkey with cymbals sounds like an old-school toy, which any kid would enjoy. But the level of creepiness of this little fella is beyond comprehension. Let’s start with his red eyes and the strange look behind them. And what’s about the face without a smile? Seems like he’s ready to jump right on to you any minute.


Okay, what possibly can be scary with this little, fuzzy toy? Well, to start with the obvious: wide open starry eyes which seem like they’ll hypnotize you. And that squeaky sound that remains even when you take out the batteries?

Hugoscary toys

Sometimes, a toy doesn’t have to look scary to be scary. Hugo or a man with many faces is, on the surface, a regular humanly shaped toy. But, take a look at his accessories: several wigs, facial hair, fangs, scars, warts along with the glue. Doesn’t sound like a serial killer’s murder set to you?

Teddy Ruxpin

Another cute little toy with a lot of baggage with it. Although it looked beautiful, something was disturbing with that look. As I see a piece of Chucky, a serial-killer doll toy which made great thanks to the movie “Child’s play” (which later turned into Chucky franchise).

The Face Bank

Teaching kids to save money from an early age is an excellent idea, but not with this scary toy bank. A human face was supposed to look relaxing and warm, but – no, it doesn’t. It looks more like some animal dressed as a human, and that is creepy right there.

scary toys

Which scary toy marked your childhood?