Movies starring scary dolls: could it be creepier?

The 1970’s and 1980’s movies celebrated scary dolls, using them as leading parts in numerous occasions. And if you thought that disturbing dolls trend stopped there, you’re wrong. The latest creepy dolls movies showed us that Hollywood had worked hard to improve the experience of creepiness, horror, and fascination.

Wondering how a scary doll looks in the movie? Check out our list of the best scary dolls films and their notorious leading roles.

#1 Annabelle (2014)scary dolls

Annabelle was first introduced in 2013 movie The Conjuring. She is possessed by a satanic murdering cult follower, who died while holding the doll. It’s one of those “get under your skin” kind of toys since Annabelle is made to be very expressive but minimalistic.

#2 Dead Silence (2007)

Billy, the leading doll in this movie, will get you chills from the first scene of the film. But, screaming won’t help you – Billy likes to cut people’s tongues off. His creator, Mary Shaw, was fascinated with dolls, and Billy was her piece of art.

#3 Child’s Play (1988)

Another male doll that stuck with my mind was Chucky, possessed by an evil spirit of a serial killer. Once he starts his bloody rampage, Chucky reveals his true nature. Unlike the other scary dolls, Chucky has some dark humor rants that make his character bit creepier than the others.

scary dolls movies#4 Poltergeist (1982)

If you wonder why so many people are scared of clowns, this movie could be the answer to that. A clown doll that sits in a rocking chair facing bed became the most notorious scary movie scene in a short time. And that moment when a kid sees an empty chair, and the doll appears behind him – it makes me chill every time.

#5 Magic (1978)

One of the first iconic movies that celebrated horror and scary dolls, along with rising actor Anthony Hopkins. The main puppet character, Fats, actually mirrors the actions of his master. But, the teacher is not aware of his dark nature, until he ultimately converts himself into Fats.

#6 Trilogy of Terror (1975)

Ancient fetish dolls seem like a cliche, but not in the case of this movie. The main character gets an unusual Zuni doll, which transforms into a deadly machine overnight. Unlike the other scary dolls, this one looks aggressive with its sharp teeth and a spear.