About Me

Surfer, foodie, ukulelist, Mad Men fan, and independent Art Director. Producing at the sweet spot between minimalism and function to create a strong, lasting and remarkable design. I prefer clear logic to decoration.

Other than that, I enjoy the most unusual hobby in the world: scary toys. Those toys marked my childhood, and there were some pretty disturbing ones on the market. I never realized how intrigued I was with these unusual, out-of-the-box, unconventional toys that fired up my imagination like crazy. And I still feel the same way about them, but now I want to share my passion with you.

Scary dolls have always attracted looks of the curious, but there are just a few that are ready to own their passion. As an art director, I find plenty of inspiration in scary dolls. They are the perfect ingredient to any picture project because they add a touch of that creepy flair that’s shocking but appealing at the same time. Even though we live in a world where someone ought to wear a mask, to cover his true self and his religious, political and other views, I find that scary dolls are a symbol of our time.

I hope you share the same passion for obscene, unordinary, and shocking as I do. Feel free to surf through these pages and gallery!